Last month some friends and I gathered for the annual One Word breakfast. (Check out that post here!) We ate, laughed, chatted and all shared our one words for 2015. This is my fourth year with a one word (check out previous ones...2012, 2013, 2014)! For those of you new to this space, one word for the year stemmed from this site. It's all about forgetting crazy, unachievable new years resolutions and instead choosing a word to define your year. Every year I pray about it and every year God gives me a word to define the year.

My one word for 2015 is strong.

At the end of last year, I started to reflect and pray about what my word for 2015 would be. One night as I was going to sleep the verse "be strong and courageous" (Joshua 1:6) kept going through my mind. Whenever I've read that verse in the past, I would always see it as encouraging me to have courage, to not fear...but this time around I felt like BE STRONG was being highlighted, bolded AND italicized. I kept thinking about that word strong and what it means to be strong and soon enough I knew, that was my one word for 2015. 

Early January I came across two different verses on being strong...

"Strength is for service not status." -Romans 15 MSG

Suddenly I knew...this ain't about me. God spoke to my heart, "I'm not making you strong to elevate you, I'm making you strong to serve others." He has given me strength and I believe will continue to strengthen me this year to serve others, to help others, to love others. I love people. My favourite thing to do in ministry is counselling people. I love sitting down with someone (over good coffee obvs!) and hearing about their lives. Seriously, I leave most counselling appointments refreshed and filled with joy. It gets my blood pumping to see people walk through life and experience victory.  He's making me strong to serve others. Service over status. 

"All praise to the one who is strong enough to make you strong."- Romans 16

This second verse spoke directly to my fear. In those times of weakness, in those times when life is hard, in the low times, I don't have to fear that I'm unable to be "strong". I am strong because I trust in the one who is strong enough to make me strong. 

Already this year, I have faced trials...there have been many tears shed BUT He has been faithful. I've felt strength rise up in me as I remember who is with God...who is strong enough to make me strong.

So I say bring it 2015. I may not be ready for all the curve balls you throw at me and the people I love but I know the One who can handle it all and He will give me all the strength I need.




P.S. Do you have a one word for 2015? I'd love to hear all about it!! AND I'd love to post it here on the blog! Email me at