Hey hey! Remember when we started a virtual book club? Well today's the day we talk about the book! Ok take it away book club president Courtney...! (PS. my (Laura) responses are italicized!)


Welcome to the S.S. Heart Book Club wrap up!

As you know I am always so excited to get lost in a story. I feel that I have to be 100% honest with you but I have mixed feelings about this book. 

I enjoyed the 1917 storyline as that is one of my favourite time periods (Downton Abbey anyone?!) but I felt as though that part of the book was too short and the 2006 too long. I do however think Liv's struggle to decide what to do was interesting. 

I would love to pose a few questions to hear your thoughts. These are some of the questions i was left thinking of.... 

What were your thoughts on the book overall?

I kinda agree with Courtney. I did read this fast but I didn't EAT IT UP..ya know? I would have loved to have waaaaay more of Sophie's their life after surviving the war!! Liz's life went on and on and on. 

Is the Sophie in The Girl You Left Behind the real Sophie?  

Yes! It's who her beloved husband painted her to be. Maybe she wasn't always "that" girl in the painting but he caught a version of herself.

What do you think of the relationship between Sophie and the Kommandant? He states that they're just two people. Do you think that is true?

UGH! I hated it. I understand I know nothing about war times but man I hated their whole relationship. I just ended up feeling sorry for both of them.

How did you feel when Sophie went to the Kommandant with the painting?  Do you think she went out of desperation or selfishness? 

AHHHHH....this part was SO SAD :( I believe she went out of desperation. She wanted nothing more than to be reunited with her husband...but at what price. This part made me sooo sad.

Do you think Liv should have just let go of the painting or was she right to pursue? 

For a lot of it, I was like gosssssshhh Liv is just being selfish in not giving up that painting. But I did enjoy the adventure in discovering the true owner of the painting. It did mean A LOT to her and was a great way for (oh gosh I can't even remember the other dude's name...) to prove his love for Liv.

Does letting go of the painting make her relationship with David any less real?  Is this the reason behind keeping the painting? To keep that memory alive?

I think a huge part of her keeping it was to remind her of David BUT as she worked through her healing from the loss she realized that the painting reminded her more of the girl she is when she is happy- a feeling that's not exclusive to David.


Can't wait to read your thoughts! 


Also stay tuned for our next book! 


Ok now your turn! What did you think? And we're also wondering, what books do YOU want to read??