Pinterest is my favourite video game. I know Pinterest isn't a video game, but I don't have games on my phone. The only thing I ever want to play on my phone is Pinterest (ok and instagram). I never get sick of the constant stream of creativity!!! Sooooo many inspiring images, quotes and design.

And if you're not on Pinterest...GET ON IT... and follow me while you're at it ;)

Here's what's been catching my eye on Pinterest (omgeeee they autocorrect pinterest to Pinterest...freaky...) lately....

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pale pink chair

Clearly PALE PINK is my love language.....seriously. I. NEED. THAT. CHAIR. IN. MY. LIFE. Does anyone know how to reupholster? :) 

Ripped White Jeans

White jeans....I want some so bad, but go and try them on and they are like blaaaah. I want that ripped pair but I always get made fun of by some older people at my church when I wear them.. :)

pink waves

Pink waves always make me sooo happy. Maybe we'll incorporate these into next year's Illuminate???

Casual Chic

And I reaaaaalllly want birkenstocks for the summer. I have my eyes on these puppies.


AND PINK LE CREUSET...I DIE.....so on fleek. or point...oh gosh I need to brush up on my "keeping up with the cool kids grammar".


Well friends, hope you have THE BEST weekend! Any plans? I'm going to Cinderella tonight and I'm soooo stoked. #disneyprincessesforever