I'm reaaaaally having a blue moment right now. Seriously, how good are all these? There's something just sooo calming about pale blue...I need that Le Creuset pot in MY LIFE.

I'm blue

1. Nail Polish (I own this one and wear it ALL THE TIME!!!)
2. Scalloped Purse (Seriously!!! How presh is this?)
3. Le Creuset French Oven (I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE ASAP)
4. Blue Pump
5. Indigo Washed Pillow
6. Blue Instax (Debating investing in one of these babies...I'd think I'd go for pink though...)

It's ALMOST the weekend! yaaahooo. James is currently on a 5 night tour with Towers & Trees...I'm missing him like craaay...and this is the short tour...I don't know what I'm going to do when he's gone for THREE weeks!!! But I have great friends keeping me company..Thea & Nadia came over tonight and we had a great catch up and reminisced about our early 20s...oh the adventures we had.

Stay gold,