*insert emoji hallelujah hands* WHAT A WEEKEND!!!! Seriously, Illuminate 2015 was out of this world! I still can't stop smiling. Over 300 girls and volunteers gathered and man oh man did we ever PARTAY!!!

First of all, I want to thank the incredible team of volunteers who worked their butts off!!! We could not have done what we did without you! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

This year's theme was BRAVE! God was calling His daughters to step out and live the BRAVE lives He has called them to. We were BORN TO BE BRAVE!

So many highlights!! But here's a few:

  • Seeing 46 girls make decisions for Jesus on Friday night (I will never ever get tired of that!!!)
  • Seeing our team just KILL IT!!!!
  • Hearing from my friends Jenna Liesch & Kim Moran and also testimonies from so brave you Kristy!!
  • Hanging out with my new friend in ministry (& our first official house guest) ya girl!
  • Seeing pure JOY on the girls' faces as massive balloons were dropped and we all celebrated what God has done!


There were lots of other highlights but I'm way too tired to type them all out! I'm looking forward to hearing the testimonies & seeing the fruit that will come out of Illuminate 2015...already I'm SO pumped for Illuminate 2016...yeeehaaaaaw!

FYI- I'll be back to regular blogging now (3x or maybe even more each week)! Thanks for letting me take that little break and thank you for following along!

Love you to the moon & back,