Well while the rest of Canada is experiencing -20 degree weather, we in Victoria, BC are not. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and I'm running in a t-shirt. SPRING IS HERE CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!!! So naturally my mind goes to spring fashion....pastels and trenches and new nail polish collections...yes please.

Spring wish list!

1. Floral Phone Case   2. Grey Hat   3. Peach Nail Polish   4. Arrow Tote Bag   5. Ripped Jeans


Don't you just want everything?!?! I'm totally into that Arrow Tote bag but I'm on the hunt for some new jeans so those will probably take priority....oh budgeting....speaking of, I'll be back next week with some more budgeting posts!

Spring, I love you and all your sunshine and pastel fashion.

Stay gold,