Well friends, we have some exciting news....WE WON THAT MAYFAIR CONTEST! Thank you to all of you who liked and commented on our pics on instagram (and thanks for not unfollowing me while I put up way too many couple photos lol..) AND a HUGE thanks to Mayfair for picking us as 'Victoria's Most Stylish Couple'. We are THRILLED and can't wait to use the Delta package and of course, go shopping!!! Thank you sooo much!

So we decided it was about time to shoot another style post for you! We took these photos in our backyard (please don't judge our super long grass, we haven't had a chance to do anything back there!!) The lighting was just perfect!

And let me introduce you to my favourite leggings ever. I got them at Alt last June. At Alt you get a lot of free things. There are a lot of awesome brands and vendors who want you to try their products..it's a very fun situation.

I kept seeing people in these amazing leggings and they all told me they were given out by this awesome lady. I searched and searched for this "leggings lady" because I am all about amazing leggings. I was totally having no luck at all and then, at one of the workshops I attended, I happened to turn around. There I saw people lined up to chat to this lady..she took their info and in exchange gave them LEGGINGS. I had found her. *insert emoji hallelujah hands*

And boy was I ever blessed. The leggings are Agnes & Dora and they are my fave!! I'm legitimately thinking about having a leggings party because they are MY FAVE LEGGINGS EVER! So comfy and super cute patterns.

Blazer // Bag // Leggings c/o Agnes & Dora // Shoes // Watch // Charm Bracelet // Nail Polish // Lipstick

Jeans // T-shirt (from Topman in the fall but couldn't find it, here is a similar fit one in black) // Beanie // Coat- Shades of Greige (purchased from Four Horseman a while ago)

Past Wardrobes- 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9


Well hope you had a great weekend! I'm now off for two days and am stoked to get some things done around the house! Maybe I'll actually find a PINK that I like for a small feature wall and maybe, just maybe, I'll do some weeding in the garden :I 

Happy Monday!