Outdoor party idea

My birthday is coming (August 28th, incase you were wondering ;) and this year I'm throwing a backyard bash. In my early 20s I loved hosting huge themed birthday parties (i.e. Hairspray themed, Pretentious Party, Trashtastic, Gangsta, etc) but for the past few years I've had more intimate gatherings. I know my 30th (next year...aaahhh!) will be real big (& golden) so this year I'm throwing a dinner party in our backyard. I'm thinking a summer-boho vibe... lights, low table, wildflowers in jars, candles, rugs and pillows. 

Obviously I went to my number one source for inspiration (PINTEREST)...and here's what vibe I'm digging.

Boho Backyard Dinner Party
Backyard party
Boho Dinner Party
let's gather

1 & 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

How good are all of those?? So much inspiration to drool over...and that food above (#GOALS) ???!

Have you had a backyard dinner party? If so, I'd love some tips!!