J + L

Today marks three years of being married to James Peter Liira. I love him more now than ever before. After three years, we're still getting to know each other as we slowly unravel layers upon layers of our hearts. We were asked by a friend recently, how marriage really is. Marriage is hard. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done yet it's one of the best. Your own selfishness often rears it's ugly head in marriage. To be so vulnerable with one another is freaking scary. Your heart is on the line often but it's okay because he's in my corner. We received some marriage advice a few months back on when it's hard to sit down with the other and remind them, "I'm here. We're in this together and I'm not going anywhere." 
It's late and I'm blabbing now but I wanna say that JAMES PETER LIIRA I LOVE YOU. I love you more now than ever before and tomorrow I will love you even more. I'm thankful for the way you love me, the way you encourage me, the way you make me laugh, the way you make me glow.

Happy three years's to a billion more XO

ps. all photos by AMERIS