Hello Weekend!

So Summer decided to reappear this week! I'm not complaining but man, I was convinced fall was here and walked to work wearing a jacket, leggings and long sleeves..big mistake. I was sweeeeaaaating up a storm. It's crazy to think we had our heat on last week! It's supposed to stay sunny this weekend so I am one happy girl...scarves can wait a week or two :)

  • Tomorrow we become a family of four. (No I did not hide being pregnant with twins from the world incase you were wondering!) Our second homestay student arrives! It's going to be a bit crazy cooking for four people, but it's preparing us for when we have kids one day...rrriiiight? Now I'm on the hunt for good crockpot meals, please send me your suggestions!
  • The church is being the church and stepping up to the Syrian refugee crisis. It can be so overwhelming to think of but everyone can do one thing. This website is a great resource to help you figure out how you can practically help.
  • Rifflandia is happening next weekend! I'm excited to see my man play with Towers & Trees of course but ohmgeee I'm also sooo pumped to see Chromeo again! Last time I saw them was at Coachella in 2011 and it was the best dance party of my life. I'm hoping the sunny weather will stay so we can have a good ol music festival.
  • Earlier this week, I shared with you some beauty products that I'm currently loving but ahhh I have more to add to that list...like this eyeliner and this mascara. I didn't think I'd love that mascara but I DO and I'm going to buy it when I run out of my current one.


Hope you enjoy the second to last weekend of Summer! 

Love you lots,