Hello WEEKEND! Mine started a bit early as I took today off because RIFFLANDIA! Rifflandia is a local music festival happening in my city and it's my first year attending. It's a multi-site festival with music in a billion venues all across town. Last night James and I checked out Boreal Sons at the Wood Hall (a cute chapel esque venue) and we loved them. Afterwards we headed to some night shows in an industrial-ish part of town.

My goodness, it felt like we were transported to another city! The whole block had music coming out of multiple venues and there was a DJ stage in the middle of one giant parking lot. So many good vibes...but I was getting beyond tired at 10pm and had to go home..LOL. Tonight I will prep myself with lots of caffeine so I can last till at least 1am..

  • James' band is playing tonight at 9:30pm at Alix Goolden (which is a stunning venue!). If you can't see them there you can catch them Sunday in the park at 2:30pm and if you're a real night owl, they're playing at 3AM on Sunday morning at CMCT studio!
  • Now onto the real important things: What to wear...It's supposed to rain :( So I'll probably wear this hat, (which btw I've been LOVING especially because it gives me an excuse to not wash my hair) a long skirt (because technically it's still summer), and a leather jacket (faux) (dream jacket)
  • Oh and I signed up at the gym and start with a personal trainer...TODAY. I'm a little bit afraid because I know I'm going to have to change my eating habits but I'm a whole lot EXCITED because I'm going to get in shape for our fall vacation! And now all I want to do is buy cute gym clothes (like this and this and this!)

    Hope you enjoy the final weekend of SUMMER! And if you want to catch some of RIFF be sure to follow me on social media!  

XO, laura