Turks & Caicos

So remember that time James and I went on a vacation in late October and then it took me months to share because #babyliira sucked all my energy and work was crazy? ha. The day has come and I'm finally showing you more pictures from our vacation!

We started out our fall vaycay by visiting Austin, Texas (read the post here!) where we spent some quality time with Joy & Ryan (and oh my gosh their baby Seby made his grand appearance and he is such a dreamboat!) and then we had the whole ordeal where stupid Texas storms caused our flight to Florida to be delayed causing us to miss our cruise!

But PTL for trip cancellation insurance (I highly recommend only booking trips on credit cards that have this magical life saver!) We ended up staying a night in Miami, then caught a flight the next day to Turks & Caicos followed by a flight in a teeny plane to Grand Turk!

I definitely want to go back to Turks & Caicos. I don't think I'd go to Grand Turk again because it was so teeny but I definitely would go to one of the bigger islands...that water is to die for.

We stayed at this cute little hotel called The Osprey and then caught up with our cruise the next day.

When we finally arrived at the hotel (which felt absolutely marvellous after travelling for so long) James immediately jumped in the ocean. A storm was brewing so I was a little less hesitant but he finally coaxed me in. We then watched the sunset from the beach then moved to our balcony. For dinner, we grabbed some Caribbean BBQ at that cute poolside restaurant and then the next morning we hightailed it to our cruise boat!!!

Now that was the best thing...strolling to the cruise and finally getting our room where we would sleep for the next five nights..ahhhhhhh. We first hit up the breakfast buffet then headed out to swim in that crystal blue ocean! 

The beach was crazy busy with the guests from two massive cruise boats but we didn't even care at all. I was not going to let that boat out of my sight.

I was 8 weeks pregnant then and couldn't help telling the world in the white sand. Wow, seems like a world away as now I'm in my 18th week!

Seeing these photos kills me because I know it will probably be a while until we enjoy a tropical vacation...ahhhh I will cherish these memories. 

I'll be back soon with part 2!