Last week we headed up island to Parksville for a little family vacation. Parksville is located about two hours north of Victoria and has some beautiful beaches! Both James and I grew up spending summer vacations there, so we were eager to go back and create some new memories.

We went up with James' family and they camped at Rathtrevor while myself and James' mum stayed Madrona (which is a resort that's super close.) It was great to have the resort for the babe's to nap in and HELLO, I'm not going to tent with my two month old. But we did spend a lot of time at the campsite which was so fun!

Luca was such a champ! Obviously a vacation is not a vacation when you are a mom to a two month old but I was surprised with how well he did...aside from sleeping..aaah. He was defs affected by his shots and woke up quite a few times during the night BUT he napped like a champ in his carseat and ergo. We would spend most evenings at the campsite eating dinner, beach walking and hanging out around the fire. It was sooo amazing to have an actual fire...gimme all them smores!!

Luca even had his first "dip" in the ocean!

We also hit up Englishman River (where I stayed in the car as Luca napped and nursed, ha) and Coombs (ice cream is a must there)! James and I snuck away one morning and had breakfast at Bread & Honey...which we totally recommend for a cheap, delicious breakfast! We also walked by the tiny motel my family used to stay many memories!

I was up one morning to see the sunrise (not by choice, ha!) and it was stunning.

My favourite moment had to be the post dinner beach walk on our last night. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous and Luca slept the whole time in James' arms. It was so precious!!!

It was a fun trip...super exhausting but so good to make memories with family! One day I will be able to enjoy the beach again with an uninterrupted tanning session, riiiigggghhhtt???

Hope you're having an amazing week!



It's time for Part 2 of our Caribbean Vaycay!! In Part 1, I left you at the part where we finally made it to the cruise ship (after missing a flight and missing the boat!) After hanging soaking up the rays and playing in the bright blue water of Grand Turk, our cruise headed south to Puerto Rico!

We hung out for the afternoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As soon as we embarked, we headed off the boat to find a tour. Cruise tip- don't do their overpriced excursions because you can often find tours way cheaper off the boat! And if you research before (we did not) you could probably book some real good ones!

A lot of people ask us if we would do a cruise again. I definitely would. You can actually find pretty good deals for cruises and it gives you a chance to see a lot of places! Oh and the food....soooo good. The theatre entertainment on Holland America was so-so (did not compare one bit to the Disney Cruise I went on) but the music was AMAZING! There was a great classical duo, piano guy and oh my goodness, the B.B. King cover band was sooo good.

After Puerto Rico we headed to Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Once we embarked, we caught a cab to a beach called Magen's Bay. Oh my goodness, it was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. We went in the morning, before the crowds arrived and enjoyed quiet time on the beach. I was amazing at the wild life. So many little fish jumping and butterflies every where. Man, it was hard to leave.

Paradise hey?? After St. Thomas we sailed north and had a full day at sea. Days at sea aren't the greatest but it was smoking hot so we worked on our tans on the deck/jumped in the pool so we wouldn't melt.

After the day at sea we enjoyed one day at Holland America's private island in the Bahamas. OH MY GOSH. This was the prettiest water I have ever seen in my entire life. We splashed around, ate delicious bbq and fully enjoyed our last day in Paradise. It was sooo hard to leave. :(

So so so dreamy. It makes me a bit sad that we won't go on a tropical vacation for a loooong time but I'm thankful and excited for the season we're heading into!!!



Turks & Caicos

So remember that time James and I went on a vacation in late October and then it took me months to share because #babyliira sucked all my energy and work was crazy? ha. The day has come and I'm finally showing you more pictures from our vacation!

We started out our fall vaycay by visiting Austin, Texas (read the post here!) where we spent some quality time with Joy & Ryan (and oh my gosh their baby Seby made his grand appearance and he is such a dreamboat!) and then we had the whole ordeal where stupid Texas storms caused our flight to Florida to be delayed causing us to miss our cruise!

But PTL for trip cancellation insurance (I highly recommend only booking trips on credit cards that have this magical life saver!) We ended up staying a night in Miami, then caught a flight the next day to Turks & Caicos followed by a flight in a teeny plane to Grand Turk!

I definitely want to go back to Turks & Caicos. I don't think I'd go to Grand Turk again because it was so teeny but I definitely would go to one of the bigger islands...that water is to die for.

We stayed at this cute little hotel called The Osprey and then caught up with our cruise the next day.

When we finally arrived at the hotel (which felt absolutely marvellous after travelling for so long) James immediately jumped in the ocean. A storm was brewing so I was a little less hesitant but he finally coaxed me in. We then watched the sunset from the beach then moved to our balcony. For dinner, we grabbed some Caribbean BBQ at that cute poolside restaurant and then the next morning we hightailed it to our cruise boat!!!

Now that was the best thing...strolling to the cruise and finally getting our room where we would sleep for the next five nights..ahhhhhhh. We first hit up the breakfast buffet then headed out to swim in that crystal blue ocean! 

The beach was crazy busy with the guests from two massive cruise boats but we didn't even care at all. I was not going to let that boat out of my sight.

I was 8 weeks pregnant then and couldn't help telling the world in the white sand. Wow, seems like a world away as now I'm in my 18th week!

Seeing these photos kills me because I know it will probably be a while until we enjoy a tropical vacation...ahhhh I will cherish these memories. 

I'll be back soon with part 2!




I seriously cannot believe that two weeks ago we were in Austin! And one week ago we were in St. Thomas and now it's 4 degrees over here in lovely Victoria, BC. (insert crying face emoji) 

Today I'm finally showing photos from our trip....Jet lag has been doing a serious number on me....last night was a miracle because I went to bed at 9:30pm...the past two nights were 8pm and then BOOM 5:30am wide awake! 

We had such a lovely time in Austin visiting Joy (James' sis) and her hubby, Ryan. They are the loveliest and are expecting baby boy Sebastian in January! The weather was super warm the day we arrived and then the next day BOOM flash flooding...which kinda did a number on our trip because of rain we ended up missing our cruise but I'll get to that at a later point lol....I would still do the Austin portion all over again because our time with them filled our hearts oh so much!

We had so much fun exploring Austin. And the food was something else. Serious food babies all around. Thai-Kun had amazing vibes and we finally got to try Shake Shack! And oh-my-goodness on our last night we experienced true Texan BBQ at Salt Lick....soooooo good.

And oh my goodness how cute is Joy's baby bump?

Oh Austin, you were fun and we will definitely be back!