5 beauty products you need this winter

Nothing says winter is coming, like super pale skin and the sun setting at 4:30pm.....I KNOW RIGHT...it's so cruel but praise the Lord for Christmas music and beauty products that make you look alive. Thankfully Sephora had their annual VIB sale (20% off) over the weekend and this mama went on a little shopping spree aka I used gift cards I had been saving since my birthday (budget life LOLZ) to stock up on some old and new favourites to get me through the dismal winter.

1. GOOD MASCARA If I could only wear one beauty product for the rest of my life, you know I would choose mascara. I obviously went with my good ol' faithful who has never let me down (Benefit Roller Lash, by far THE BEST mascara out there!)

beauty favorites

2. BLUSH & BRONZER I wear SPF 40 almost everyday so that being said, my skin needs some COLOUR. I had used this one from Nars for ages. I loved it but wanted to try up something different. I picked up Urban Decay's Naked Flushed Palette and I'm happy to report that it goes on great! Way cheaper than Nars AND has a light pink highlighter. The bronzer doesn't have any shimmer in it, which is defs a win for me. 


3. LIP BALM My lips get SO dry during the winter so I am always in need of a good lip balm. Fresh's Sugar balm is my absolute favourite. Trust me, you will love it.

4. SELF TANNER/MOISTURE MASK I finally bit the bullet and bought Vita Liberata's night moisture mask and I'm sooo glad I did. It's an overnight self tanner/moisture mask that leaves your skin mega moisturized along with a non-orange glow (which also doesn't stain your pillow!) It takes me from "you look tired and deathly" to "ohhh, your skin looks so nice". It's a bit on the pricier side but you don't need much (this bottle should last me at least 6 months!) 

5. GOOD CONCEALER And lastly I picked up concealer to hide my massive dark circles. I was a little sad to see that Smashbox had discontinued the one I had been using for years BUT the replacement is just as good, if not better. It's waterproof, and seemed to last a bit longer than the old smashbox one so my dark circles don't need to show their lovely selves anytime soon, ha.

I wasn't in need of moisturizer but my go to one is this one by Clinique and also I started using this cleanser from the drugstore (I know righhhttt!!) and I am loving it!!

What are you winter beauty must haves?? let me know in the comments or on facebook!