so cozy

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Happy Friday y'all. Can you believe December is less than TWO weeks AWAY....my goodness gracious. This past week was pretty chill around here and I am totally okay with that. I have a packed Saturday with holiday photos, a baby shower, 1st birthday and my bro & sis in law are here!! But on Sunday afternoon, I'm going to ask James to make a fire and get out the Christmas box because that just needs to happen.

Have you started decorating yet? Or are you on of those who waits until December 1st? I usually wait until December 1st but this year I just want to celebrate as long as I possibly can...I may have already finished a carton of eggnog (!!!!)

Black Friday deals have started...I may have scooped up these bodysuits along with a few more things for Luca at Old Navy (40% off most of the site!) 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.