Illuminate 2016!

Illuminate 2016. Oh you were so sweet. This was the 7th year we've done Illuminate...incase you're wondering what Illuminate is, it's a conference our church puts on for girls in grades 6-12. We put it on to inspire, encourage and equip girls to live the life God has called them to! Those teenage years were some of my darkest years and I know I would have so benefitted from an environment where I heard of Christ's love for me and that I was not alone in this thing called life. We also encourage the girls to be themselves, they are not objects, they do not need to compare themselves to others on instagram or be something that they're not....they are GOLD just as they are! We also like to parties, lots of food and special productions (like James singing Bruno Mars- Treasure to the girls as confetti fell from the ceiling #heartmelt)

It's a little crazy doing something 7 years in a row but again I am amazed and in awe of what God did!  He always does something new. I've heard so many stories of so many girls meeting with Jesus. Even if He speaks to one girl, all the work is worth it. I've heard stories that for some girls, this is the highlight of their year...again I'm so humbled that we get to be a part of that.

I'm so thankful for our amazing team who volunteered countless hours to make this the best Illuminate yet! We were also so blessed to have guest speaker Nicole Reyes come to us from NYC...she's phenom.

Most Photos by Stephanie Christo Photography & Photos of Nicole Reyes & the Panel by Behind Elissa's Lens

I'm already looking forward to planning next year!!