Hello Friday!

First of all, sorry for the lack of posting!! Work has been busy, my night's have been filled with things and when I'm finally ready to sit down and write it's past 10pm and my body is like SLEEEEEP. But work calms down a bit later this month so here's to hoping I'll be posting a bit more! 

I have so much to tell you. We're reno-ing our bathroom at the end of this month! The nursery is half done! I have big plans to do awesome posts but I can't flipping find my camera battery charger anywhere so I haven't been able to take photos :(

I went to chiro yesterday and it was the best. I'm all about that cracking..and getting the bod ready for birth. James and I started our pre-natal classes at the hospital this week and wow, we learned so much and still have three more classes! I'm 31 weeks pregnant which means baby liira arrives in 9ish weeks (AHHHHH!!) James has been in full on nesting mode and it's finally starting to hit me aka I washed the bugaboo cover last night...that counts right???

Any of you guys hitting Sephora this weekend to take advantage of the sale? I'm in need of my concealer, foundation, and moisturizer...but that's all too boring so I may purchase a new blush because it's spring :)

Speaking of spring...it's gorgeous here in Victoria! Oh and Vogue posted about my good ol city (so random, but yay!!) 

Hope you all have a great weekend!