8 Month Bump Update!

How far along are you?

I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant...OH MY GOSH. Just over 50 days to go, that's if he comes on time...but most likely it will be a little bit longer because first babies tend to cook a little more...but a girl can dream/wish/pray he'll come early righhhhht???

How big is baby?

At week 33, baby is the size of a pineapple. Over 4 pounds (EEEEEEEEEEEE!) and over 17 inches long!


ALL OF THE FEELINGS. My body feels pretty good, other than some lovely pelvic pressure and general soreness if I've had a long day. It's been quite warm here so the cankles are coming out! Oh my gosh, remind me to not wear skinny jeans and sandals on a hot day...because my ankles look like sausages! I just switched my wedding rings with a fake set because I'm nervous there will be a day when I can't take them off anymore! I started chiro and that has been AMAZING. I'm trying to do all that I can to get this bod ready to bust out baby. ha.

Emotionally I'm feeling so excited/in denial that this is actually happening. We did prenatal classes this month and they have been so amazing. (If you're local, I highly recommend the ones at the hospital through camosun with the instructor Kimberly Yates...she's AMAZING) The classes have been so informative and are making me feel real good about labour. I know, I'm naive. It's my first baby and all and I'm a highly optimistic person BUT I'm getting excited, the way I felt before my half marathon. I know it will be insanely hard but I know my body was made to do this so all I can do is keep training and trust in Jesus. 

He's moving around all the time, and every time, my heart swells knowing it's one day closer until I get to hold him on the outside, stare at him all day long and kiss his delicious cheeks.

Food love/hate:

I'm really trying to eat a pretty balanced diet. I've been loving smoothies in the morning, I actually crave them! I've also been craving nuts so I made sure to grab a big batch at costco this week. And as per usual, I can't really go a day without sweets...gotta keep it balanced, ha!!!


Still walking to work a few times a week, noticing I have to go at a much slower pace. Still going to the gym 2x a week with some home exercises as well. My chiro recommended I cut down on running and do more elliptical so I've done that and have noticed my joints don't feel as sore. I bought an exercise ball this week so I'll probably incorporate some home exercises with it...and hopefully it will help me labour!!


Lately, I've been loving my bump so you'll usually find me in maternity jeans or leggings and a tight t-shirt or tank. I'm noticing my tanks are getting shorter and shorter so I'll probably run out to Forever 21 this week to buy some long ones! I'm also on the hunt for a dress for my shower and potentially a maternity shoot...hoping I'll find something there!

What I'm looking forward to:

Our bathroom reno starts this weekend!!! I'm a bit scared because I know there will be days when our shower is out of commission...not to mention when the toilet gets switched (but I'll most likely stay somewhere else when that happens because I pee every 2 minutes)!  But it will all be worth it when we have the new tub in (which I'm planning to labour in!)  and heated floors (THANK YOU JESUS!) I honestly have the greatest husband in the world. He's worked so hard on this and will be working insanely hard to get it all installed. I'm so thankful, I seriously feel like the luckiest woman alive.

I'm also (obviously) SO looking forward to meeting our boy and becoming a mama. Oh sweet Lion, we can't wait to meet you.

Thanks for following along on this journey...can't believe it's 7ish weeks to go!!!!!