citrus pool float

Happy Friday everyone! It's a long weekend round these parts...but when you're on mat leave and your husband is self employed, that really doesn't mean anything, haha...But I am excited for the weekend! On Saturday night, we're heading to Buchart Gardens to watch the fireworks...yipee! They always do an amazing job and it reminds me of Disneyland...without the rides, or churros...someone please send me to disney asap.

Our weather is still HOT which means I'm perma sweaty because there is a perma sweaty baby glued to me most of the day...let's just say, I'm a wee bit excited for fall!

Speaking of fall, have you checked out Nordstrom's anniversary sale? They have a ton of fall stuff on sale until August 8th! I have my eye on this white tee as I'm on the hunt for a few basics. 

My good friend Amy launched her site, Honestly Amy. She's an incredible writer and will make you giggle and cry in the same post. Do yourself a favour and check it out!

Our little lion has officially moved to his crib at night! It was hard but man, we all sleep better at night and my goodness, he slept 8 hours in a row the first night!!! I felt like a whole new woman. Oh sleep, I love you.

Well hope you have an amazing weekend!