Hello August!! It's a holiday Monday around these parts and daddy is off!! We're hopefully going to hit up a beach or park as the weather is so delightful.

Looks like Luca is just as excited about this month as I am. August is my favourite month because it holds our wedding anniversary and my birthday. And this year it's a big one...THIRTY (insert wide eyed emoji and also horn with confetti emoji) So many thoughts on saying goodbye to my 20's and hello to my 30's are running through my head. Look out for many blog posts on this transition later this month!

This month we're also going on a little holiday! As I've mentioned before, James' sister, hubby and cute little boy (yay cousins!) are arriving from Texas in a couple days and the whole famjam is going to Parksville.  Parksville is a gorgeous little beach town about two hours north of Victoria. I'm so pumped for some beach time, visiting the boys at the campsite (the girls and babies are staying indoors, haha), minigolf and ice cream from Coombs!

Well happy August. Hope you have an amazing one and if you want to download that calendar above beside that cute baby, click here!