Our little Luca is almost 6 weeks old and I guess that means that he's almost out of the newborn stage....wowza! During pregnancy, looking through baby stuff was so overwhelming. There are so many things and everyone has a different opinion on what you need. I'm no expert but this is what we've found so helpful for our little lion.

Essentials for your newborn

1. Milk Snob Cover- I use my milk snob every time we leave the house! It serves as a cover for the carseat, feeding cover and shopping cart cover for when your little one can sit in a shopping cart. Luca sleeps way longer in the carseat with this on. It blocks out sun, wind and creepers from touching your baby, ha. I seriously am in love with mine.

2. WubbaNub-  This was gifted to me by my sweet friend Lauren. It's a soother that doesn't fall out right away. For now we stuff it under a blanket and Luca is able to suck away and if he stops, it doesn't fall out. When he gets a little older, he will be able to hold onto the elephant's legs which will help the soother stay in his mouth. And it's soo adorable too. I got the lamb one for my little niece. If you're local to Victoria, you can buy this at Momease

3. Sleep Sheep On the Go- This is a white noise machine in disguise of a super cute sheep. We were gifted the travel size and I was so happy. I find the original to be a bit on the big size. This one comes with a velcro strap, so we often strap it to the stroller or car seat or wherever he's asleep! We use this every night and I personally get a better sleep with it too. Luca is a great sleeper, so I'm thinking this has something to do with it!

4. Summer Infant Sleeper- Luca sleeps in this little bassinet beside our bed every night. We only have a double bed, so we don't do this but it folds down so you can put your baby right beside you on the bed. It also folds up so you can take it on the go. I'm planning on having Luca sleep in this on our trip to Parksville.

5. Aden & Anais Dream Blanket- We received this as a gift and I love it so much. It's not entirely an essential but I swear Luca sleeps better when he's swaddled in it. It's incredibly soft and they also make them for adults too! 

6. Little Unicorn Muslin Swaddles- Muslin swaddles are such an essential for your newborn! We swaddle Luca up for every nap and bed time and often it's with these guys. They also provide a nice, lightweight blanket for the super hot days. I linked up to Little Unicorn because I love their patterns but there are many other (cheaper) brands that make muslin swaddles!

7. Summer Infant Swaddle Pod- I know I've mentioned swaddle like 10 times but these are amazing!! We were gifted two of these at our shower and he's almost grown out of them. We put him in this at night instead of pajamas and it keeps him all tightly swaddled. He's way less likely to wake himself up in the middle of the night when his reflexes throw his arm up. And oh my goodness, he looks so cute in it sad that he's growing out of it :(

Oh and I forgot the Diaper Genie! I absolutely love it and could not live with stinky diapers in the trash!

So there you have it, my newborn essentials. I'd love to know what newborn essentials you couldn't live without!