Again another week has passed! The sun has come out and it is hooooot...and apparently it's going to get even hotter! Normally I'm all like yaaaay but with a sweaty baby who is super tired in the heat and wide awake when it's cool at night, I can't say I feel the same way, ha. But we're learning how to deal so it's all good.

TGIF!! Today we're going to see James play at Rock the Shores with Towers & Trees...I'm a little nervous how Luca will do. I'm bringing baby headphones to block out the loud noise but I'm a little worried about the heat. Would love any tips on bringing a baby to a music festival if you got them!

On Sunday Luca is being dedicated at our church. We're committed to raising our little man with God's grace and love. Our heart's desire is that he will know God's great love for him. Oh, it's going to be special.

On Saturday Luca turns 6 weeks! Which means I'm 6 weeks postpartum and my doctor has given me the go ahead to start exercising. I'm going to start out slow but man, am I ever excited to get moving...even just a little bit more than walks. I'm trying to be realistic about goals but it's hard to not put too many expectations on myself. Once again, I'm in need of grace for myself and need to remind myself that it took 9 months to grow Luca, it may take just as long (or longer) to go back to the way I was. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!