Black and white bathroom

Can I first just say how much I love my husband? He built me (and I guess him and anyone else who uses our bathroom) a bathroom and it's the best thing ever. Our bathroom reno is complete and it was worth not having a shower for the last eight weeks of pregnancy and 5 days postpartum..lols

The difference in what it was and what it is now is INSANE...imagine the craziest makeover on that show What Not to Wear and times it by 100.

Incase you forgot, here is what the bathroom looked like when we viewed the house...

YIIIKEES. My biggest pet peeve was not the green counter tops or the random mirrors but the hutch above the bathtub. The shower was so dark and so much moisture got trapped on the ceiling. I couldn't wait to see that come down.

It's night and day different. I told you I have the greatest husband in the world! Oh, and if you're local to Victoria, BC and want to hire him to reno or paint your space, check out his facebook page! James planned it all out and did the work himself. We had some help with plumbing and electrical (huge thanks to Isaiah and Mike!!) and our friend Tim helped tile the tub (thanks Tim!!!)

Black and white bathroom renovation

One of my favourite features is the bathtub with the rain shower. The bathtub is extra deep and extra amazing. And that shower head was worth waiting 6 weeks for..ha!

Black and white bathroom

Another cool feature is the built in closet James added in. Our hallway linen closet is extra deep, which means a ton of wasted space...so James cut in and added that unit which gives us more storage.

The sink unit is from Ikea. I looove how the drawers pull out. So much storage for makeup and hair supplies!

Black and white bathroom
Black and White bathroom

My other favourite feature is the heated floor! Nothing beats stepping on to warm tiles and Luca loves laying on the warm bathmat so it's a win win.

Black and white bathroom

So there you have it, our fully completed bathroom. Comment below if you have any questions!