baby monthly update

Our baby boy turned one month old on July 11th. Seriously...where has the month gone! I still can't believe I birthed this sweet boy. And how have we been parents for over a month?? Time, you are insane. Now to update you on our one month old lion...

Modern Burlap Blanket


WEIGHT: 9lbs 14oz
He gained 30oz in 19 days! Our doctor told us most babies gain 1oz a day...let's just say the little man likes to EAT...A LOT

HEIGHT: 21.5 inches
Grew an inch in a month!

WEARS: He can still fit in newborn clothing but it is tight so I've been putting him in the 0-3 sad how they grow so fast!!!!

SLEEPS: Thankfully the little man sleeps very well. At first it was really hard to put him down for I've learned some tricks...soothe him, darken the room, white noise, and he's out like a pro! At night he usually gives me two 3 hours stretches..sometimes a 4 hour one and then if we're really tired we sleep for a couple more hours in the morning. So far I haven't needed naps in the day.

HIGHS: He gave me his first set of smiles and man oh man, that melted my heart.

LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!!! Other highs include, snuggling him on my chest, going for walks in the stroller and seeing him and his daddy snuggle.

LOWS: Poor little man has reflux. Basically it's like baby heartburn and fun :( He was super fussy for a couple weeks (like sometimes wouldn't want to put down and cried non-stop every evening) but since then we got him a prescription and I've cut out dairy, chocolate, caffeine (I know my favourite foods!!!) and a bunch of other stuff. The last couple days have been night and day difference. He still has gas sometimes but he seems to be not in as much pain...praise the Lord!!!

PARENTING: Oh man, becoming a mom has been the hardest thing I've ever done. Instantly, my life changed dramatically. The first few weeks were very hard. My emotions were high and I literally had no idea what I was doing and I was scared outta my mind. Thankfully, I have support from an incredible village. Honestly, I cannot tell you how thankful I am. So many people dropped off meals and gifts and were praying for us. Friends came and helped with laundry (I'm talking about you Auntie Coco!!). And I received crazy support, love, and advice from momma great woman in my life, reminded me that God chose James and I to be Luca's parents...we are the best fit for him and God, who knows what it is to parent, will give us the wisdom we need. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit who is helping us parent this little guy!!! After the first few weeks, I finally feel like I'm in a groove. I can actually get a few things done around the house and blog...wowza!!
James and I had our first date without Luca last week and we're doing another one tonight! SO thankful to have amazing friends and family who can take great care of our little boy for a couple hours. It's easy to lose sight of our marriage and focus only on Luca but I know that is not healthy at all so I'm so thankful that we have this time to spend just the two of us.

POSTPARTUM: My body has been healing very well after pushing that watermelon out of me! I've been starting to go on longer walks and I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans...yaaaay! It's insane how much breastfeeding takes off of you. I gained 45lbs with Luca and already I've lost 29! Only 16 to go...woohooo! I'm longing to exercise and hit the gym so badly. My doc said I'll be good to go at 6 weeks, so we'll see how I feel then.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: I can't wait to see him interact more with James and I. Those smiles killed me and I can't wait for more. I'm so excited to see what his personality will be like. Oh and when he sleeps a 6 hour stretch...that will feel like HEAVEN.


I take a billion photos of my little lion and if you're on snapchat and want to see more, I'm one of those obsessive mommas who snaps their kids all day long (username: lauraliira)

Oh Luca, it's been an incredible one month. I'm so thankful God picked me to be your mommy.