Printable high contrast baby visual stimulation print!

It's kind of an amazing thing that my sister and I had our babies exactly one month apart! We meet up often to go to the mall or for a walk or just hang at her house. It's the best that we can experience everything together. Earlier this week I discovered that Luca really likes to visit his cousin as that means he gets to play in her mamaroo. He was super content and absolutely loved the black and white mobile that hung over his head. It consisted of super cute black and white monsters.

I could not get over how much he loved it. He was smiling and cooing galore and he even cried when I took him off it! Babies love high contrast images because they can actually see them and they help them develop their vision...it's also key to developing their cognitive thinking (I got that from my teacher friend Renee...hope I wrote that correctly, ha!) So when we got home I searched the net and pinterest and didn't find the cutest images so I decided to make my own.

If follow me on snapchat (@lauraliira) you would see how Luca loved it. It was seriously the cutest thing to see him chatting away to the bear and puppy. I printed a couple for different spots around the house and as you can see above and below, it fits right into his nursery ;) I couldn't get a close up shot where he was in focus because we was so excited looking at it. The sweetest.

High contrast print for baby's nursery!

I edited the original to make the triangles higher contrast and he likes it even more! Scroll down to download :)


(For Personal Use Only)



P.S. Luca's outfit is from Gap but I couldn't find it on the website (this one is similar) and change pad cover is from here!