Oh, hey there September! I cannot believe it is S E P T E M B E R!!!! I know I say that every month but seriously...it's September and my baby will be THREE MONTHS OLD very soon! I'm sad to see summer go but we're getting to my favourite season...fall!

Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes (or these amazing pumpkin spice muffins...or these melt in your mouth pumpkin spice cookies), jacket weather, cozy blankets and leaves! James and I just started watching Stranger Things, and I'm so happy I waited because this time of year, I'm always craving a novel or show that's a little bit scary.

This month I'm also looking forward to going on some hikes with the Lion. We tried out our ergo in the August but it was waaaaay too hot so now that it's cooled down, I can't wait to get out and explore.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is the launch of our GT Westhills campus!! If you live out in the Westshore, be sure to check it out...we launch Sunday, September 11th at 10am in the new Belmont High School. 

Oh September, I have a feeling you're going to be a good one!


ps. download the September calendar here!