two months


Sweet Luca is now two months old and on Saturday, he will be 10 weeks. My baby is growing so fast and it's breaking my heart. I love how he's getting way more interactive but can time just slow down pleeeeeaassee. Here is his two month update :)

WEIGHT: 12lbs 9oz
Goodbye newborn frame! The rolls have arrived! We thought that he was a chunky baby but after his appointment we found out he was only in the 55th percentile for relatively a normal baby.

HEIGHT: 22.8 inches
Grew another inch this month and is in the 50th percentile for height. His head is in the 97th percentile...thank goodness it wasn't that way at birth LOLZ.

baby Luca

WEARS: He's starting to grow out of some 0-3 month onesies and I'm freaking out!!! My little baby is getting so big, way too seriously. It's insane how much he has changed!!! I don't have a ton of 3-6 onesies, so I'm looking forward to buying him some cute new fall stuff. Joe Fresh has the cutest things...I got my eyes on this, this and this!

Baby Luca

SLEEPS: He still sleeps pretty well. We've had a handful of 9, 10 & 11 hour straight nights...which have been unreal!! Going away combined with recovering from shots did a number on his sleeping so now I'm trying to get him more into a routine again. Last night he went down at 8:30pm and was up at 12:15am and 6am...hoping for those longer stretches again, ha.

HIGHS: All the cooing! Oh my goodness, I die every time he starts to talk. He has the sweetest little voice. He even has started to laugh with a single "HA" a couple times and that has melted my heart.

Baby Luca

LOWS: The post shots aftermath. Firstly, I am VERY happy he got his shots. I am a strong believer in vaccinating your babes BUT the shots really affected my little lion. He had a fever, was crummy and even stopped taking the bottle :( All he wanted to do was nurse or be on me a lot of the time. Combine that with also going away = one cranky baby who refuses to nap and wakes up more in the night. But I know this is a short season so I will soak up those cuddles for as long as I can get them :)

PARENTING: Month two has definitely been easier than month one. It feels like our life has adjusted to having a baby. And don't get me wrong, being a mama is still the hardest job EVER. Yes, there are still crazy days when I burst into tears (the past three days for example lols) but we're getting better at this whole "raising a human being" thing. And it really is the most special thing. Last night as we were putting Luca to bed, he kept smiling and cooing at us. I told Luca he had a superpower, a very special superpower that emits laser beams of love into mommy and daddy every time he looks at us. It sounds super cheese but it's so true. When he looks at me and smiles, I feel a beam of love and my heart grows bigger. 

POSTPARTUM: Still getting used to this postpartum body, ha! I kinda just want summer to be over so I can wear my fall clothes. I went for my first run the other day and it felt great! Still haven't managed to figure out an exercise routine as there are a billion things to do when Luca naps buuut as he gets more consistent, I'm hoping to start running a few times a week.

Baby Luca

LOOKING FORWARD TO: When he full on starts giggling. Oh my goodness, I don't even know how my heart will be able to handle that,

Month two has been a treat. Oh Luca, you have changed my heart forever. I love you so.