San Diego with a baby

Last fall we went on our first (international) vacation as a family of three! Because of this unfortunate/fortunate experience we had some United air credit to spend. We wanted to go somewhere that was 1. not too expensive to get to 2. warmish 3. fun. San Diego fit the bill on all three of those!

We stayed in a super cute air bnb in the Hillcrest area. We paid a little more but it was so worth it to have a kitchen and living room instead of a one room hotel room. We stayed in the bedroom and Luca slept very well in the hallway closet...lols. I'm planning on doing a couple posts soon about travelling with a baby (we picked up lots of tips!!) 

I was surprised at how much we fit into our trip!

Here's what we did:
Day 1- Travel
Day 2- Explore Hillcrest on foot. Breakfast at Hash House A Go Go...walked to Trader Joes!

Day 3- DISNEYLAND! Call us crazy but we rented a car and left at the crack of dawn to do Disney. It was soooo much fun and very exhausting. Got IN&OUT for the drive home!! Luca was such a champ and I'll share tips soon on doing Disney with a baby!

Day 4- Coronado Beach....a must see!! Tacos Perla (best tacos I've ever had!!!)

Day 5- La overcast day but James went in the ocean...only guy without a wetsuit, ha. Church that night at C3 San Diego.

Day 6- Coffee at Communal Coffee (seriously so good, wish we got to it more than once!) Shopping at Fashion Valley, IN&OUT!

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 9.26.26 PM.png

Day 7- Coffee at Cafe Bassam (wouldn't go again), San Diego Zoo (must see!), walk through the park, dinner at Hash House (wouldn't go there for dinner again, only for breakfast!)

Day 8- Travel

Luca was a complete champ on the trip! He was almost 5 months old and it was the perfect time to travel. He still napped on the go, hadn't started solids yet but could sit on our laps and be entertained pretty easily!

Ahhh looking through these pictures definitely has me longing for SUMMER...oh warm sun, I miss you.