London Rose is now 4 months old!! Well....almost five months, ha. MAN February FLEW BY. I'll do my best to remember last month, ha.



WEIGHT: 14lbs 15oz

HEIGHT: 24.5 inches

WEARS: She's now out of 0-3 months and is fitting nicely into her 3-6 month clothing! Buying little girl clothing is SOOOO ADDICTIVE. I had some credit at my fave consignment store and bought her a few things, but man, I want to order EVERYTHING! How cute is this number from baby gap? And this coat from h+m!!! #DYING


SLEEPS: Well this past month we officially sleep trained her! I have a whole sleep training post in the works but what sleep training means is a baby can put their self to sleep on their own instead of being nursed/rocked/swaddled/soother to sleep. We had our girl's conference at our church and I needed James to be able to put her to sleep. So I had my last night of nursing her to sleep (I had been nursing her to sleep about 50% of the time.) We did a bit of cry it out/fuss it out but never let her cry for more than 10 minutes.
We also transitioned her out of being swaddled (did one arm out for a week and then both arms out) and also the dockatot. She took it all really well. She still wakes up once a night to eat (somewhere between 4-6!) but for about a week she was doing twice a night...thank goodness she went back to once! 
If she doesn't drop the last feed by 6 months, I will night wean her then but for now it's not too bad. 

She's been napping amazingly lately! Her regular schedule looks like
7am wake up nurse play
8:30/9 nap 1 (I usually wake her up after 1-1.5 hours)
10:00 wake nurse play
12:00 nap 2 (usually 2 hours!)
2:00 wake nurse play
4:00 nap 3 (I usually only let her sleep for an hour here!)

HIGHS: Hers and Luca's relationship developing. I feel like it took him 4 months to realize that she's not going anywhere, ha. It's like something switched and now all he wants to do is cuddle her. It's seriously the sweetest. And she just LIGHTS UP when he looks at her. I'm pretty sure he is her favourite person.


LOWS: We're still working on the bottle situation. She finally took the Nuk bottle but so far has only done 1.5oz. Another low was us all getting sick AGAIN. Seriously, cold season, you can go away anytime now.


PARENTING: She's definitely more aware and interactive these days and it's so fun! Everyday I try to get a bit of time on the floor with both's my favourite.

POSTPARTUM: Oh man, this is still SO HARD. I still haven't run yet but I want to, ha. I still have 19lbs to go until I'm pre-Luca weight and my goal is to get there by the end of the year but guys, it's MARCH so I better start doing something!!!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: We booked a trip to NYC in May! We'll be leaving Luca at home and just taking London. I'm excited to have that special time with her but obvs will miss Luca sooooo much! I'm also looking forward to her starting solids next month!!!

Oh London, I LOVE being your mama.