spring cleaning checklist

You guys...SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!!! We've had a late-ish winter for us up here as our daffodils are just starting to bloom (they usually start blooming in early February!)

With Spring just around the corner, I started to make a Spring Bucket List (which I'll share in a couple weeks) and believe it, or not, SPRING CLEANING is on that list.

I don't think I've ever in my life done Spring cleaning but this year I'm not pregnant or working so I have lots of energy AND my new favourite cleaning tool.

spring cleaning checklist

We picked up The Libman Company's Microfiber Wet + Dry Mop. I'm loving this mop because I can use it wet or dry. I ran it through our house and it picked up waaaay too much of my hair #postpartumproblems ha. Another reason I love it is because it's machine washable...less waste yaaaay! We got ours at our local Canadian Tire.

We also love the The Tornado Mop! Mopping all floors is a MUST for Spring Cleaning!


And ps. if you sign up for The Libman Company's email list, you'll get a coupon to save you $3!

pss. can we talk about how amazing Luca's expression is :D

spring cleaning checklist

As mentioned before, I really want to organize my house this Spring. I'm on maternity leave until October so I want to get on top of everything before I go back to work. I'm talking about implementing systems...systems people! I may be setting myself up with too high of expectations but here is our spring cleaning list...


  • Clean + organize toys (Need to put away some small things that London could choke on as she's getting mobile!!!)
  • Organize built in cabinets (also shoot our built ins finally now that the sun is coming out!!)
  • Clean and organize kitchen food cupboards 
  • Finish London's room (decals up, closet organized)
  • Clean and organize linen closet
  • Wash all windows and window ledges (probably my least favourite thing ever)
  • Wash all floors and baseboards
  • Order prints + frames for our bedroom and organize dresser
  • Clean out gutters (James' job, ha)
  • Plan out vegetable garden
spring cleaning checklist

I'm also trying to give myself grace too and finding ways to get Luca involved on the cleaning. He likes to be a part of everrrrrything I do. So I'm on a mission to get him involved instead of me being annoyed with him getting into what I'm doing. Parents, send me your tips!

spring cleaning checklist

I'd love to know if you do Spring Cleaning in your household and if so, what projects do you tackle? Let me know in the comments!