London Rose

Our sweet London Rose turned one month on the 19th!! It's so insane and totally unfair how time goes by so quickly!!!

London Rose


WEIGHT: 10lbs 5oz
This little lady is packing on the pounds in the sweetest way possible. She was 8lbs at birth then dropped to 7lbs 10oz and then when my milk came in she ate, ate, ate!

HEIGHT: Haven't measured her but will find out at my doctor's appointment next week!

WEARS: She's barely squeezing into her newborn incredibly sad :( But now she has a wardrobe full of 0-3 month clothing to wear!

SLEEPS: Oh man, I thought Luca was an amazing sleeper...well this girl is schooling him! At this point with Luca he would give me a couple 3 hour stretches at night and that was great...this little lady gives me one 4-6 hour stretch followed by another 3-4 hour stretch!! She sleeps beside our bed in a dockatot on a stand that James made. We moved Luca to his crib at 7 weeks and I'm kinda hesitant to move her so soon because she could be our last baby but we'll see...her noises sometimes wake me up and I'm pretty sure she'll sleep even longer in her crib where she can't smell my milk!

HIGHS: Her coos, her smiles...seriously, they melt your heart. Because she came 12 days late, we got smiles and coos extra early. Watching her sleep. Seeing Luca give her kisses. I'm so excited to see their bond develop. Hair bows! Ahhh I love having a baby girl. I'm already dreaming of our future shopping trips.

LOWS: Nursing has been a bit interesting this time around...I don't want to get into too much detail but I thought she had a tongue tie and turns out my let down is too strong and she clucks her tongue to slow it down which gives me blisters...ouch!! It's gotten much better but I cannot wait till she grows and can handle more milk so I won't have any pain.

Another low was almost getting smashed into by a car running a red light and then someone rear ending us as I had to slam on the brakes to avoid the idiot trying to run the red. Not fun but thankfully we were just tapped and London slept right through it.

PARENTING: The first week was INTENSE. I defs felt guilty for not being able to spend as much time with Luca. My heart ached but James got better at soothing London (now he's a pro!) and now I get a lot of time with Luca. I'm pretty lucky to have James home most of the time. He gets up with Luca and I can have a shower every day...yay! We're still finding our groove as we navigate toddler meltdowns but it makes me realize how easy a newborn is the second time around! My anxiety is waaaay lower than the first time and I can bring her anywhere and don't have to worry about tantrums over a pouch being empty, ha. James is going away for a few days in December, so we'll see how I do with two on my own....#sendchocolateplease

POSTPARTUM: Thankfully my body healed waaaay quicker this time around. The only thing was hurting was my dang lower back and hip but that cleared up at 2 weeks postpartum. Now that I'm one month postpartum I want to start some gentle exercise. I'm thinking very gentle yoga and some power walks. It sucks that the weather is usually yucky, because I'm not itching to get outside but I know I need to do this while James is able to watch Luca. Annnd we're potentially going to Mexico in January so I'd like to shed a few pounds before then!

London Rose

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Christmas with my babies! We're going to get our wood fire up and going and I'm so excited. Roaring fire + baby cuddles + Christmas tree lights + Christmas music + Christmas baking...yes please.

London Rose

Oh man, I seriously feel like time is going by way too quickly. I'm trying to slow down and enjoy this stage because I know she'll be walking and talking in no time.