What a difference a year makes...or two. Seriously...look back at our 2016 photos...and our 2015 photos. The familia has GROWN and I just feel so dang blessed. My Nanny Rosa would always call Luca "tesoro" which means treasure and that's really what these two tiny humans are...treasure. Gifts from God that are entrusted to us. What a privilege and blessing...I need to remind myself that, especially in the throes of wiping snotty noses, cleaning blow outs, dealing with a fussy babe, etc.


We had our fave, Rachael Alexandra do our photos and we couldn't be happier. If you live in Victoria and are looking for a family or wedding photographer, book her!!

Photos with a camera shy 17 month old and a newborn can get a little hectic but she managed to give us amazing shots...even with Luca running away the entire time, ha.


Seriously, how sweet is our London girl. She is such an amazing babe. We all have a cold right now and she is such a trooper. Already sleeping like a dream (8 straight hours, hellllo!) and just providing pure cuteness all around. I couldn't imagine life without our dream girl.


It's kinda funny because as we were getting ready for the photos James and I were fighting. We resolved it on our way to the photos but it's a reminder that a few photos can give you the impression that everything is all dreamy but EVERYONE has issues and fights and insecurities and struggles. Just keeping it real folks :)


Love these treasures of mine.