Man oh man, how is London SEVEN MONTHS old. She's creeping up on her ONE year birthday and it makes me want to crrrry. I was looking at little toddler shoes last night and seriously wanted to cry thinking about her walking around, I just can't imagine it...please stay little a little bit longer my love.





WEIGHT: I haven't weighed her since her 6 month doctor's appt at and she won't be weighed until the next one at 9 months so I have noo idea, ha. I'm guessing she's around 18/19lbs! She eats a TON of solids and has the sweetest thigh/arm/wrist rolls!

HEIGHT: Same as weight, I guess I could measure her but it takes too much effort, ha.




WEARS: She's in size 6-12 month clothing! I seriously can't get enough of her in rompers, dresses, bloomers and little tanks! How adorable is this gingham romper!? 

SLEEPS: She usually sleeps 11 hours straight from 7-6am, I then feed her and try to get her back to sleep for another hour but lately that has been hard, ha! I like it when she wakes me up at 6 because then I get some quiet time to myself BUT I don't want the whole gang waking up at 6am. Soooo I'm really hoping she'll just start sleeping that extra hour!

Here's her sleep schedule:
7am wake up nurse play eat breakfast
9am nap 1 (1-1.15 hours)
10:15am wake up nurse play go out eat lunch
1:00pm nap 2 (2 hours)
3:00pm wake up nurse play go out
5:00pm nurse dinner play
6:30pm bottle then bedtime routine
7pm bed

She's still napping like a champ! I shorten her morning nap so I can get some double nap action in the afternoon. Those two hours to myself are GLORIOUS!


HIGHS: Taking her to NYC was so memorable. It was seriously so special to have that one on one time with her. We experienced so much of the city together and it was so nice to spend some time with my brother and sister in law!!!

I also love her sweet personality. She's starting to babble more (still won't say dada, poor James!) And she's not afraid to tell you when she's happy or mad (just like her mama!)

Her and Luca's relationship is developing more and more and it is just the sweetest. He makes her laugh more than anyone else. Can't wait to see it grow even more. 


LOWS: Her sleep wasn't the greatest in NYC. We did not follow her normal schedule and she was napping on the go a lot so she woke up a couple times in the night. It made for one tired mama but other than that she's been a dream.

PARENTING: Like I said before, going to NYC with just London was such a treat. Obviously we missed Luca but we so appreciated the one on one time...especially James. It was so sweet to see them bonding so much. When you have older kids, it's pretty much impossible to give the babe 100% of your attention (because I need to be making sure Luca isn't falling into the ditches on our property or trying to escape through our hedges!!) 

POSTPARTUM: Still haven't gotten back on BBG :(  But I'm hoping to start this week. I have it all scheduled in so please keep me accountable! I'm a couple pounds lighter but I think it's from all the stress from our perimeter drains being redone and Luca catching HFM :/ 




LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our family shoot booked in June! We've hired our fave photog in Victoria, Rachael Alexandra and we're going to get some special photos of London and I. She's at the same age when I had these photos done with Luca so it will be so nice to have some of London and I!