You guys....London Rose is TWO MONTHS OLD. I'm semi-freaking out here. She has grown so incredibly quickly and seems like a little baby now instead of an infant...weren't we just telling the world we were having a girl?!!?!?

It's been so sweet getting to know this little girl and I can't wait to see her personality come out more. I still can't believe she's mine.



WEIGHT: 12lbs 9oz
She's proving to be a great eater, just like her big brother. And my goodness, the thigh rolls have come and they are seriously delicious! Also cheeks and that double chin. She's just under the 85th percentile for weight. During the day she eats every 2-3 hours..sometimes a longer stretch if she's having a good ol nap.

HEIGHT: 24 inches!!! I still can't believe that. She went from 20 at birth to 22 at 5 weeks to 24 almost 3 weeks later. She's now in the 97th percentile for height, so crazy.

WEARS: Sadly she's outgrown newborn clothing :( She's fitting great into 0-3 month clothing but I think she may be moving up to 3-6 closer than I want to admit!!

SLEEPS: She's sleeping like a champ...just like her big bro. Most nights she goes down around 8pm (although tonight I put her down at 7:20 because she fought her last nap) and then sleeps for anywhere between 8-11 hours. She fights her swaddle hard and if it isn't velcro-ed tight enough, her little hand creeps up and wakes her up. Last night was a "bad" night (because it was post shots and James didn't swaddle tight enough), which meant she went down at 8:30pm and woke up at 3am for a quick feed and then back down until 7:45am...I know, she's a dream!!!

Our regular schedule when James' is working looks like- 7am Luca up, 8:30ish London up, 10ish walk to park/mall and she sleeps in the wrap, 12:45ish Nap #2 in her crib (which usually is at least 2 hours!!!), 5ish nap #3 in her crib. I'm finding her fighting the last nap more and more, so on days where James is working, I really just need to put her in the wrap or carrier and get her to sleep! Otherwise she's super cranky and overtired from 5-7pm, which is no fun for any one!

We moved her to her crib at 7 weeks (which was the same time we moved Luca) and I gotta say, it's sooo nice to have our room back. I can stay up reading without worrying about her waking up. I still wake up a ton in the night to watch her in the monitor though.

HIGHS: Her sweet giggles!! Oh man, they have been so precious. She has the sweetest smile too and gives you the best coos. AH, I'm just obsessed with her.

LOWS: Her two month shots!! Oh man, she cried SOOO much and took forever to calm down. It was the saddest thing. Even the nurse was so sad and said most babies do not cry that much. She was also super fussy that night and thankfully calmed down eventually. I don't know how you mamas of colic babies do it. The crying gets to me soooo much. You mamas, are super heroes!

Another low was getting sick conveniently the weekend when James away. Oh man, I got hit with a serious head cold and it was the WORST. And having to take care of two sick babies when you are sick is not fun at all. So glad we're on the mend. 

PARENTING: We've definitely have found a groove with the whole two under two thing. It's crazy and sometimes intense but honestly, not as crazy as I thought it would be. Thankfully, James is able to help get Luca up in the mornings (even on days he's working), which is a huge blessing for me to catch a few extra ZZZ's or quickly have a shower. It was super hard the days when James was on tour but we made it through! 

POSTPARTUM: Oh man, this is an area that I have been SO lazy at. Seriously, I am just not motivated at all to exercise and eat well. I've been eating like crap but thankfully breastfeeding is keeping me around the same weight. I still have 22lbs to go until I'm pre-Luca weight. I know I'll get a better groove in the New Year so I'm really trying to not be so hard on myself but we're heading to Mexico in January....eeeeeek...thankfully I have my one piece from when I was 1 month postpartum with Luca!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: CHRISTMAS! So much to look forward to....our family of four opening presents and eating yummy breakfast on Christmas morning, Uncle Franco and Auntie Emy from NYC meeting London, along with James' sister and hubby coming up from Austin! Oh and did I mention we booked a last minute family trip to Mexico in January!!!! So much to look forward to.

Can't believe London's next update will be in 2018!!! This year flew by WAAAAY too quickly!!


Huge thanks to Rachael Alexandra Co for snapping these gorgeous photos. If you live in Victoria, BC, you need to hire her!