Having a fall/winter baby has had its ups and downs. There have been lots of great things like going on crisp walks with London in the carrier (and not sweating my face off like I did with Luca) , not feeling guilty about staying inside alllll day snuggling and enjoying Christmas with a sweet babe but there are a few not so fun things about having a newborn during the winter...the number one being it's cold and flu season! 

We did a lot to protect little London from germs but when you also have a toddler who loves to touch all the things, someone is bound to catch a cold. Which did happen about a month ago. Thankfully being a second time mama I was way less anxious than I was when Luca caught his first cold. It was still not fun at all...especially because James' was away and not only did Luca and London catch it, but I caught it too!! 

It was horrible but thankfully we're on the other side now and I've emerged with new tips and tricks. The main one being, have a cold season survival kit!!


  • Kleenex!! This cold was BRUTAL and I was blowing my nose a lot. I've learned you need to use the good stuff. I LOVE the Kleenex with the soothing lotion because my nose doesn't get dry and Kleenex kills 99.9% of cold and flu germs in the tissue! We get our Kleenex from Walmart through their online 2-day shipping but I've also recently discovered their order + pick-up method. SO convenient when I don't have the time or energy to get into the store.

Click HERE to purchase Kleenex for your family!

  • Cool Mist Humidifier- This one is essential for helping baby breathe better. I also have a humidifier in our living room for Essential Oils but you need to be careful which ones you are diffusing around a baby so I would advise talking to a wellness expert for that.
  • Saline Nasal Spray + Snot Sucker- This one is ideal for newborns/babies (Luca wouldn't let me near his nose with our snot sucker, ha) as they haven't figured out how to blow their noses. Basically I spray a little saline into the lid and then use an eyedropper to drop a bit in London's nose (make sure you tip their head back or lay them on their side). I then change her diaper to give it some time to loosen up the mucus then after that you use the snot sucker to blow it out of her nose. Luca absolutely hated this right from his first cold but London smiled through it, ha!
  • Thermometer- If you have a little one, you need a thermometer on hand. If they have a high fever, I know it's probably time to give 8-1-1 or my doctor a call! Thankfully neither had a fever through this cold!

So that's what's in my Cold Season Survival Kit but I would love to know what's in yours! Send me your tips + tricks!