Baby boy update


Okay, I am completely ONE month behind...lols. He'll actually be 9 months tomorrow!! I have all the 9 month info, fresh in my mind and I'll be getting that post out soon but I'll do my best to try to remember last month, ha!

Here's the Lion's 8 month update:

WEIGHT: 20 lbs
We just had him weighed this week at the doctor and he was 21.5 lbs! So I'm going to guess he was around 20 at 8 months.

HEIGHT: 28 inches
My little baby is no longer a little baby :( 

WEARS: Size 9, or 12 month clothes!

SLEEPS: Ohhh at 8 months, I'd say he went through a bit of a regression. It wasn't terrible but he started waking up at about 5am. We also had international students staying with us, so we felt a bit bad about doing our normal CIO method....thankfully it's resolved and he's gone back to sleeping 6:30-6:30...PS...I'm sooo excited about the time change this weekend!! Really hoping he'll go to 7:30-7:30!!!

EATS: He loves, loves, loves food. Seriously, it is his favourite thing. He still feeds from me but real food is his deal. He'll eat whatever we give him, it's amazing!

HIGHS: Oh gosh, I'm trying to remember last month, but my mind is such a blur, ha sorry! Oh, his separation anxiety calmed down, so that was amazing! I went away at the end of January and James took care of him and he did so well! We also got to go to our church's couple's retreat and my mom had him...other than waking up at 4 am for a quick diaper change, he did amazing!

LOWS: The waking up at 5am (one day it was 4:30am) was super wearing on me! That was definitely not my favourite part but thankfully he's over that for now!

Sorry for the short update, just wanted to get this out before he turns 9 months old tomorrow!! But I'll be back soon with his 9 month update!