The time has come to update our living room! Things change when you have a baby...especially when said baby starts to move around. You actually have to sweep your floors and pick up everything because if you have a random stray bit of cardboard in the far corner of your house, said baby will pick it up, and try to eat it and then proceed to gag and you'll have to pull it out of their mouth....true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine ;) 

Luca is officially on the move! With that, we've had to move a bunch of stuff around in our living room and rest of the house. First thing to go was our coffee table with sharp corners/taking up space...sorry friends coming over at night, you have to hold your hot tea in your lap! 

The second thing to go was the fireplace grate. We enjoyed a number of fires over the winter, but as soon as Luca started crawling, he'd beeline for the grate and try to pull it over.

The next thing on our list to address are the bookcases. Now get me straight, I LOVE those bookcases. They're the Hemnes ones from Ikea and I just love their look. We could have screwed them to the wall but we decided to kill two birds with one stone and totally re-do the fireplace and build built ins!!!!

So here's my dream may take awhile (aka saving $$$$) for it all to fall into place but here is what we're hoping to do:

  • Install new fireplace...we ordered a wood burning fire place insert but may return it and go with natural gas (which is my dream but when we called two years ago it was so much $$$$$ to get it to our home, so we're figuring that stuff out!)
  • Build built doing so, we will probably get rid of the brick around the fireplace and move the fireplace to actually centre it on that wall.
  • Figure out where to put tv....we were going to place it over the fireplace but we're thinking maybe put it on the side wall on an arm?
  • Move couch across from fireplace...and hopefully purchase new couch that is more kid friendly.
  • Purchase two chairs to sit across from each other
  • Move rug to our bedroom and find new rug...this is not a priority for James so this may happen in a few years lols.

So there's the plan! I'll be back soon with more inspiration soon!