mama bear box

In April I received my first Mama Bear Box and you guys, it was so sweet. I subscribed for three months, so I'm already eagerly checking the mailbox daily in hopes that the May box will arrive lols.

You select the gender and age range so it's customized to your babe and the best thing is- there are treats for you as well! Another amazing thing about these boxes is that for every box sold, $2 goes to the Joy Smith Foundation, which is a Canadian foundation that is fighting human trafficking!

Here's what came in my April box:

1. Dinosaur Rattle by Petitloulou- I love the design of this rattle and Luca loves it too! I'm all about those cute, trendy toys that aren't bright and made of plastic, ha.

2. Tee by Everly After Creations- Ok, this is my new favourite shirt of Luca's. How stinking cute is that leather pocket! It's a bit tight on the arms for him but maybe that's cuz my boy is a chunky monkey lols. It looks so cute on him and I want to dress him in it errrrday.

3. Baby Body Butter by Duckish- I just opened this one yesterday and applied it to Luca, post bath. His skin definitely felt soft and smooth. It didn't really have a scent to it, which probably most ppl would love but you know me, I'm all about that scent, ha.

4. Dirty Girl Face Mask- I actually haven't used this one but I'm gonna tonight. I love masks so I'm definitely excited to see how it leaves my skin feeling!

I would definitely say this box is worth it and would make a beautiful gift for a mama or mama to be! And ps. use the code mbb10 to save 10%!