Built In fireplace and bookcase reno

So it's happening! If you've seen my insta stories, you would have seen that James has started our reno. Living in renos with a 10 month old has been interesting, but not as bad as I thought! We're probably a week away from it being complete and I'M SO EXCITED. This is what our living room looks like now...

It's been a good set up but I'm going kinda bonkers because I just want our nice living room back, ha. BUT I know it will be well worth it. It's been one heck of a week with keeping Luca out of the site, away from the usual open front door and napping during construction BUT we survived!!! 

Here is our original sketch up of the plan:

Built ins reno plan

So nice hey? A few things have changed from the original plan. Firstly, because of the wood burning fireplace insert we ordered, we needed to add tile around the fireplace. So we added tile and by "we", I always mean James (owner of LIIRA DEVELOPMENTS, he's amazing, hire him!) We chose a hexagon marble and then a solid marble for the hearth. IT'S STUNNING! Check out my insta stories to see it! Secondly, we're decided to go with led track lighting above the shelves because go big, or go home. It's going to be sweeeeeeet. 

Here is the start of the fireplace/mantle...

Built ins living room reno

James basically knocked out the entire old fireplace then started framing the new one. My brother in law (who is an amazing electrician, THANK YOU MIKE!) set us up for all the electrical. We were debating about not putting the tv above but it just makes the most sense for viewing from where we're placing the couch.

We're hopefully going to get a new couch and chairs but that may happen a bit further down the road when we've saved up some more $$$.

Can't wait to show you more soon!