Pregnancy Style

And just like that, I'm five months pregnant! This pregnancy has gone by 1000000000x faster than my pregnancy with Luca. I also think my belly is 1000000x bigger, ha. But that's totally ok, because I've found some maternity clothes that actually fit pregnant people AND look good.

Pregnancy style

Last pregnancy I remember going shopping for a baby shower dress and being soooo utterly disappointed with the selection. Every dress was either, 1) way too short, 2) way too booby or 3) wouldn't do up at all aka it was HELL and I left feeling huge and unattractive.

So thankful I discovered PinkBlush this pregnancy! They have tons and tons and tons of beautiful maternity clothes (and non-maternity clothes too) that actually fit pregnant people well! Gorgeous dresses that are long enough to accommodate your growing bump and don't show the world your cleavage...hallelujah!

Pregnancy style


How far along are you?

Almost 22 weeks! Baby is due in October and man this pregnancy is moving along QUICKLYYYY...which I imagine must be quite common for second time mamas.

How big is baby?

Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash...almost 11 inches long, which is a huge jump from last month! 


So at peace. If you follow me on instagram, you would've read that we had some scary test results and had to be happy to announce that the second test (which is way more accurate) came back 100% healthy. Feeling on cloud 9 and that I can actually get excited about this pregnancy. In the waiting, I had peace but it was definitely hard to be super excited knowing something could be wrong. 

I'm also feeling ALL THE KICKS! Baby girl likes to move, move, move!

Maternity Style

Food love:

mmmmm everything. My appetite is starting to go through the roof!

Food hate:

Spicy food is not my friend as heartburn has made a comeback this pregnancy. 


I've been walking to work a couple times a week but man, need to get on the whole pregnancy yoga and weights again! Because of my placenta previa, I can't do anything too intense but I always feel so much better after doing yoga!

Maternity Style


My PinkBlush dresses obvsssss!

What I'm looking forward to:

Can't wait for my next ultrasound at 28-32 weeks to see if my placenta has moved up....will also be nice to see baby girl again! Thank you in advance for your prayers :)

Maternity Style

Dress c/o PinkBlush (it's a beautiful pale blue but looks more minty in photos than in person!)