Baby Boy's 1st Birthday


My baby is ONE! Actually tomorrow he'll be 13 months so this update is coming at ya a little bit late...whoops! 

This past year has been one of the craziest, most challenging yet so rewarding years. I think I've shared this before but before Luca was born, a very respected prayer warrior came up to me and gave Luca a word from God....The word God gave him for Luca was Delight. Luca would be God's delight, a delight to us and to everyone he meets....and boy is he ever. My sweet delight, sweet baby boy, Luca.

WEIGHT: 26.5lbs
Luca loves to eat !! (just like his parents lols...praying he gets his dad's metabolism, not mine!) He's now in the 97% for weight and is probably heavier now considering he was weighed about a month ago. Let's just say I get pretty tired holding him for longer than a few minutes, ha.

HEIGHT: 31 inches and I swear he's even taller now. He jumped from the 50th% in height to the 95th!! I think he inherited his dad's height.

WEARS: Pretty much wearing 18 month clothing on the regular. I bought a few things from Zara for him and LOOOVE them so much. Seriously, cutest and comfiest jeans I've seen. Can't wait to go there in August when we go to Vancouver!

baby boy 1st birthday

SLEEPS: Sleeping through the night 7-7 still. Mostly doing two naps (one 1-1.5hr at 9am and another 1-1.5hr at 2pm) but sometimes resisting (maybe once a week?) I'm really hoping he'll hold onto 2 naps for a few more months but we'll see. When did you mama's go down to one nap?

EATS: He pretty much eats whatever we eat. I still give him pouches on the go and if what we're eating is not baby appropriate. HE LOVES FOOD THOUGH. His favourite food would probably be carbs carbs carbs (toast, fries, etc)...a man after his mama's heart!

PLAYS: And he started WALKING!!! He took a few steps before his first birthday and this past month has grown into a full walker. It's sooo cute. I'm surprised at how sturdy he is on his feet. He's had a few bails but honestly nothing crazy...yet! 
His favourite game to play is throw all our shoes over his baby gate, down the stairs....reaaaalll fun to clean up...

HIGHS: Oh man, so many highs. Obviously walking has been such a highlight. He also loves music and dancing...cutest thing to watch! But my favourite time is putting him to bed at night. Our bedtime routine looks like...bath then bottle while I put him in a sleep sack and night time diaper then brush teeth then story time and cuddles! I'm such a sucker and end up reading him like 6 stories because I just love the cuddles so much. We then have a sweet hug while I rock in the chair and sing to's seriously the sweetest ever. He calms down or gets all silly and tries to give me kisses...ah! I then stand up with him, pray for him then put him in his crib with his blankie and bunny. Just the best.

LOWS: He recently popped two more teeth on the bottom. Unfortunately we were on vacation when this happened, and he was the crankiest he's ever been during teething. Thankfully he's come out of it but man, it's hard having a cranky, velcro baby when you're also 27 weeks pregnant!!

PARENTING: I love love love love being a mama and James loves loves loves being a dada. Luca has been one of the greatest gifts we've been given and yes life is sooooooooo different now but I wouldn't trade it in for the world. James and I are going away for two nights sans Luca (thanks Grandmas for taking care of our boy!)  and we're so excited to go so hard on a little Vancouver/Target getaway. I honestly don't even care that I'll be 31 weeks girl is on the inside aka I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and don't have to worry about nap time....FREEDOM lols.

Baby Boy and Dad

POSTPARTUM: Let's chat in October when I'll be postpartum again lols lols.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Oh man this will be Luca's last update until he's 2! So many things to look forward to...watching him become a big brother, seeing Christmas through his eyes, family Halloween costumes, so many more memories to be made.

It's a complete joy and privilege to be your mama Luca. I am so proud of who you are and who you are becoming. I better stop now before ALL THE TEARS!