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I've always loved the New Year. New starts, blank calendar.... a whole new year before us! The past number of years I have prayed for a word for the year. I did that this year and can't wait to share it with you but before that I want to share some goals of mine.

Are you a goal setter? I am but I suck at follow through. This year I want to get waaaaay better at following through. I'm re-reading this post I wrote last year on goal setting tips and actually putting these tips into motion.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave me your tips on instagram!
Here were a few of them:

  • write them down + keep them visible
  • make a strategy for each goal
  • be specific
  • make them fun! (love that tip from my friend Jbakes)
  • do a one month goal and check in half way
  • set weekly goals

This year I went with the Day Designer and I LOVE it. There is a super thorough goals section which really helps you break down your goals and how you should achieve them (monthly actions, weekly routine, daily habit, what progress looks like).

Here are my 10 goals for the year...I'm telling them to you because you can help keep me accountable right? ;)

  1. Grow in Prayer Life
  2. Build a Stronger Marriage
  3. Make Memories with the Kids
  4. Get to 140lbs (my pre-Luca weight)
  5. Build GT's Young Adult Female Small Groups
  6. Take Better Care of Self
  7. Blog consistently throughout the year
  8. Grow in Social Media
  9. Grow Beautycounter Biz
  10. Further Educate + use Essential Oils

 So there are my 10 goals for the year! 10 seems a little insane so I have to see what is manageable. We're going to Mexico on Saturday so I'm excited to be unplugged and start planning/executing the first steps to some of these.

I'm also very excited to consistently blog this year! I would love to hear what you want to see on the blog this year...please take a minute to answer the survey below...it means a lot!



Happy 2018 everybody. Would love to hear what your goals for the year are so we can slay it together!