2017 year in review

Well hello there 2018! It seems so surreal that we're at the very start of a new year, but I feel like that every...single...year. I have a lot of plans for this year but before we start talking about all that, I want to take the time to look back on the year.

2017 seemed like three years to me. It was a year that so so so so many things happened. 

January- I started the year with all the plans. Luca was 7 months and I had half a year of maternity leave yet. I felt like I finally had a handle on being a mama and I was excited to do allll the things in 2017...little did I know that London would be conceived 10 days into the year, ha. I tested positive at the end of January and it definitely rattled me. I like to say that I had my plans and God wanted to teach me that His plans are always better.
In January I also got to see my all time hero...BETH FREAKING MOORE! That was amazing!


February- Even though I was on mat leave, I still ran our church's teen girl conference, Illuminate! It's a lot of work but there is a great team I have the privilege of serving with. The weekend was so so fun and it's such an honour to be able to be a part of seeing girl's lives impacted. Can't wait for this years!
Also in February, my friend Rachael shot these photos of Luca and I. I still treasure them so much.



March- In March we started planning our living room reno. We decided to do built ins and a new fireplace. James did such an amazing job and I need to get my butt in gear and shoot the room because I can't wait to show you.



April- Early in April, we made it public that we were having another baby! I took a couple trips that month...We got to check out my in-laws cabin on Pender and I went to Whistler to celebrate my besties 30th! 


May- I went back to work in May. It was bittersweet. I love my job and was excited to be around adults but it was hard to leave sweet Luca. It all worked out though. We had great care for him and I realized I loved being back at work. 
In May we also had our gender reveal! That day was definitely one of the highlights of my year....especially Luca's face..lols



June- Luca turned ONE and we celebrated lumberjack style!!! I can't believe how much a baby grows in their first year....my little lion entered toddlerhood. He started taking his first steps just before his birthday and started fully walking near the end of the month...such a milestone.


July- We took a mini vaycay to Pender again in July. On that getaway we realized that getaways with toddlers are not relaxing at all..ha. Still had fun though. James also turned 28!



August- In August we went to Vancouver for a couple days to visit my bestie and her hubs. We headed down to the states for a quick Target trip, visited Cultus Lake, shopped and watched some amazing fireworks. It was such a lovely vaycay. I also turned 31 in August and had some maternity photos shot.



September- My friend's threw me an amazing baby shower and I finished up work. I thought that maybe London would come early (as I was due on October 7th).



October- BABY MONTH! I was off work and I waited and waited and waited and London finally came (12 days late) on October 19th. I said goodbye to my incredible grandma, Nanny Rosa. I miss her so much. October was a surreal month as our family saw death and life in a few short weeks.



November- James started working again in November and God showed me that I could do the whole two under two thing! James also went away on a Christmas album tour and I survived three nights on my own...we all caught colds and it was HELL but we made it through. Oh and we had these family photos done..heart melting.



December- Christmas came and went. Lots of family time and way too many sweets. We celebrated NYE watching one of my dear friend marry the love of her life. It was a beautiful way to end the year.


So that's 2017 for you. SOOOO many things happened and it feels like a blur. I'm hoping time will slow down a wee bit in 2018 because I want to soak in allllll the time I have with my baby girl and little lion.

Hope you had an amazing 2018 and praying that your best is still to come this year!



Most photos (all the good ones, ha) done by Rachael Alexandra Co.