as you know, james & i celebrated our one year anniversary on saturday. (still can’t believe it’s been a year!!!)

we had a pretty low key weekend planned but james (the romantic) had some surprises up his sleeves.



(from left to right)

1. saturday afternoon cuddles under our hbc towel at amy’s lakeside home.

2. saturday night dinner at zambris.

3. ok so funny story about our wedding cake. we had this incredible cake made by our good friend rachel (rachel~cakes). i have an insanely sweet sweet tooth. so my requests were cream cheese icing & chocolate. james requests were chocolate & peanut butter. so rachel went above and beyond and made the most moist delicious cake EVER. well the wedding comes and the day goes by in an absolute blur. it’s like 10pm and we’re dancing up a storm when all of a sudden i remember the cake! james scrambles to get some sort of eating utensils but the caterers have packed them away. he does manage to find a knife and some napkins, so we slice a few pieces and eat it with our hands and it was soooo good. like soooo good. so good that we can’t stop talking about it for months and months. so james secretly hired rachel again to remake the cake and with a little help from his friend (thanks lukas!), he managed to surprise me at zambris with it. it tasted even better than i remembered. (pretty sure i’ve gained five pounds from eating the cake too..ha)

4. on sunday we headed to the oak bay beach hotel. they let us lounge poolside before our room was even ready. seriously love this place. it felt for a few minutes that we were back in mexico. i highly recommend this hotel. they upgraded us to an ocean view room and our room was flipping huge with the most comfortable bed and incredible bathroom. five stars indeed.

5. james surprised me with the bottom ring!! i am absolutely in love with it.he had a little J ♥ L inscribed on it. i love dainty jewelry and dream of over the years stacking up teensy rings on my ring finger. 

6. the gorgeous view at the hotel!

7. he makes my heart beat real fast.

8. i think we’re going to make real good looking babies. ;) (not pregnant, just saying.)

we got home monday and james jumped straight into music (ahhh so pumped for his set during the you&her launch!) and i am slowly getting back into my hermeneutics course (oh dear Jesus, help me!).

& the celebration won’t stop because tomorrow it’s my BIRTHDAY! i seem to always be out of town for my birthday, so it’s kinda insane that i’ll wake up and go to work!

stay gold,