i have a confession…i had two pumpkin spice lattes before september even started. the starbucks near my house launched their psl one week early, so how could i not?

i’m a complete sucker for all things fall. i really like summer. loooong days in the sun. tanned skin. picnics. sitting on our deck eating dinner. but when the weather starts turning, i get really, really, really, excited for fall. we’re not really having the indian summer as we usually always have here in victoria and i’m not too sad about it. (yet our weather has been out of whack, yesterday started all rainy & cold then got super hot then when i went for my run was all foggy & sunny…)

fall inspires me more than any other season. church life, fashion (hello sweaters & boots), writing, home decor, photography (our first dslr will arrive this week..yaaaay!!!), baking (all pumpkin everything), cooking, getting fit (seriously!)…the list goes on. 

what about you? what season inspires you the most?

stay gold my lovelies,