Hey lovies,

After traveling for 31 hours, I arrived safe and sound from Crimea late last night. (WHERE’S CRIMEA? Don’t lie, I know you’re secretly googling it right now.) To save you some time, it’s located at the south of Ukraine right on the Black Sea. It’s a hidden gem. SERIOUSLY. Gorgeous land, beautiful beaches and it’s seriously cheap. The only problem is very few people speak english. I have soo many stories to tell you and I will over the next month! What I will tell you right now is, GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING BIG! Ah, I want to blab about so many amazing moments but I’ll hold it in.

I hope you are having an insanely, fabulous summer. I’m really excited to make one of these…

(Flower Crown DIY courtesy of honestlywtf)

But first I got to catch up on some work things and prep for Teen girls Camp (wooooooooooooot!) & Nanoose (yaaaaaaaaay!) Life is insane & beautiful and God is good.





I hope I can sleep sweetly tonight (booo jetlag).

Love you to the moon & back,