Oh diary! Life has placed me on a giant swing and i’m going around and around and around. It’s fast yet beautiful.

So I arrived back from Crimea! Wow, what an insane/fun/amazing/lovely time we had. Our team got along so well! Normally on missions trips people get tired, weary and become reclusive or irritated easily and fight. That didn’t happen (unless you count Alex throwing a chair at Jared). I hadn’t laughed like that non-stop for a looooong time (and not just at the chair throwing). The trip consisted of many laughs, many games of monopoly deal (I realized James & I have been playing wrong for months ha) and many, many amazing God filled moments. The Christian brothers and sisters of Crimea are wonderful. How Jesus shines so brightly through those people. I have soooo many moments but one of my favourite ones was at this little village (can’t remember the name sorry!) We went to this lady’s house that overlooked the whole village. Inside we gathered for snacks, tea and chocolate (Ukrainian chocolate is AMAZING!) After eating we sat in a circle each individually telling our stories, how God transformed our lives. They were fascinated how such young people would travel across the world for Jesus. Their stories were amazing, there were many people who used to be drug addicts, different religions, atheists. We then went outside and prayed overlooking the city. Their dream is to one day start a church in that village, so for now they have a bible study. We are believing God for that village! Ah, I have sooo many more stories, and I promise I will write them very soon (as in after August).

Want to know my schedule for the next few weeks?

Shut up. I know you do.

This week- writing sermons for Teen Girls Camp! But praise the Lord, things are going smoothly! God is good. He’s giving me words for these girls and I’m beyond excited.

This is “my office”. I like to pray/prep/write in the church nursery. It’s uber quiet/comfy/anointed up there. Right now I’m being challenged in my preaching by Andys (my boss Andy & by Andy Stanley’s “Communicating for a Change”). It’s hard to change something you’re so used doing but it’s also good to be stretched and challenged! Only three more sermons to go! (Out of 10!!!!!!!!) After I finish every sermon I like to have a 30 second dance party. Because of a giant seniors apartment complex overlooking the nursery I have to do this in the hallway between the playroom and the mother’s room.

Please note: when you are stressed and accomplish something big on your never ending list, have a 30 second dance party. It will give you enough celebration over the accomplished task and will fill with you energy to get on to the next one!

JUST DANCE. (I prefer to dance to Chromeo- fancy footwork…in case you were wondering)

I’m also sick… (booooohooooo) it sucks and i could really use your prayers (especially before two weeks of camp!!!)

oh and fyi…..I HAVE THE BEST BOYFRIEND IN THE WORLD…just saying.

you may want to stop reading if you puke from sappiness…

but please keep reading…

Get this…he took my macbook while i was away to defrag and clean some stuff up (it was running painfully slow). Well he not only put more ram on it, he also got the white paneling surrounding the keyboard replaced (it was all cracked) AND put new software with a ton of new programs! awwwwwwwe! he also bought harry potter tickets for tomorrow’s opening night! (even though he’s only seen the first movie)…ya i told ya he’s the best.

Oh and he got a hottie haircut and surprised me at the airport with it (ok i found out while i was away, but for the sake of the story, let’s just pretend i was surprised)

isn’t he stunning?

Anyways lovies i best be going. My good friend Bryn is visiting from the East Coast and we’re all hanging tonight, can’t wait!

over & out,