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Tips for a summer road trip with a baby!

We happen to live in the most beautiful part of the world (ok, I may be a little bit biased!) But for reals, the West Coast of Canada is crazy beautiful and we're lucky to live a few hours drive from some amazing summer destinations. 

Before we had Luca, we road tripped all the time. We've driven to California a couple times and always loved escaping north to Tofino. A five hour drive was nothing to us. Having a baby complicated things. Especially when you're an A-type/schedule based mama like myself, ha!

But sometimes you need to go off your baby's schedule and create some family memories...am I right!!! The other week we did just that...I suggested to my hubby that we load up our SUV and hit a cute beach town a few hours north of us and he was so game.

Even though everything didn't go as planned (locked keys in the car, baby lost his hat, multiple blowouts, etc, etc) it turned out to be SUCH a fun day and a successful road trip!

Here are 5 tips to plan that successful day road trip with a baby:

1. Be prepared to go off schedule.

Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you probably won't stick to your baby's schedule. If baby doesn't have amazing naps, it's going to be okay. This was a hard one for me as I'm so OCD but honestly, just mentally preparing myself that naps weren't going to be regular, totally chilled me out and made me enjoy the day!

2. Change your car oil with Quaker State® Ultimate Durability™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil.

Having a current oil change is SO important. Quaker State® Ultimate Durability™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil is available at Canadian Tire for such a great price too!

Planning a road trip with a baby
5 Tips for a successful roadtrip with a baby!

It is so important to make sure your vehicle is good to go...seriously no one wants to waste precious adventure time broken down on the side of the row. Ensure that you buy the correct oil for your vehicle. You can always ask an employee at Canadian Tire to help you out!

3. Load your vehicle with healthy snacks.

A wise mama once told me to always have snacks on hand. And honestly I took her advice to heart. Snacks were given numerous times to avoid meltdowns. Make sure they're healthy and you're good to go!

4. Pack more equipment than you need...because you'll probably need it.

We were heading to the beach so we made sure we packed our shade tent for Luca. Sadly we forgot to pack beach chairs for ourselves! Speaking of beach chairs, Canadian Tire has some seriously cute and practical beach equipment. They totally live up to their tagline: Made for Life in Canada.

Also remember to pack changes of clothes for (baby AND you), more diapers and wipes than you think you'll need, and lots of water. I'm so thankful we had a flat of water bottles in the back because we may have had to use some to wash our hands after changing a blow out in the trunk, ha.

5. Break up the drive with stops.

Little Luca was getting pretty fussy after about an hour on the road. Instead of driving onward with a cranky baby, we stopped at a train museum that was on the way. It turned out to be such a good idea. He was able to run off some energy, ride a choo choo train and then quickly fell asleep as soon as we got back on the road.  

Road Tripping with a baby

Hope you can use these tips to make some family memories! Happy road trip adventures! You got this mamas!!!




I am a lover of sleep....like I reaaaaalllly love sleep. I can't really sleep in, but I'm reallllly good at going to bed early (except for times when I spend the late hours blogging/instagramming #momboss ). So when I was pregnant with Luca, I read all that I could on sleep and as soon as I had him, I spent those middle of the night nursing sessions reading all the blog posts on sleep. I'm a hardcore type-A planner so as soon as I could, I got him on a sleep schedule...and let's just say he started sleeping 8-12 hours straight by 8 weeks old....I know baby girl could be different but I'm hopeful that applying the same methods and using the same tricks will help her become an amazing sleeper too!...(please be hopeful with me lols)

Speaking of tricks...here are some newborn sleep essentials that I will start using from day 1!

newborn sleep essentials

1. The Ollie World Swaddle- Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle. Swaddles are life savers! Newborns have a reflex where their arms like to spring up and hit them in the head, and if they were happily sleeping, this would obviously wake them up. Swaddles keep them restricted in a good way. And these Ollie World Swaddles look seriously amazing. Super soft and gorgeous colours AND Velcro to make swaddling easier.
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2. Finn & Emma Sleeper- This sleeper caught my eye because it has an open bottom. Newborns poop & pee allllll the time. I remember changing Luca’s diaper at least every three hours. This sleeper will keep baby warm yet makes middle of the night diaper changes much easier. They also look buttery soft and are made of organic fabric…win win!

3. Dockatot- Now this has been on my wish list foreveeeerrrrrrr. I have heard of the magic of the dockatot and I cannot wait to try it out on baby girl. It’s a multi-functional co-sleeper and playtime lounger. It will be perfect to have baby girl sleep in around the house while Luca roams.
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4. White Noise Machine- Get a continuous white noise machine and use it from day 1. We originally had one that turns off after 45 minutes and at first it was fine, but soon Luca would wake up as soon as it turned off. Having a continuous one kept him sleeping through the night, so I say, get one from the start!

5. Soother- Luca only used a soother for the first 8 weeks but it was great for helping him settle to sleep during the evening witching hour! I’m hoping it will do the same for baby girl!

6. Sleepsense Guide- And finally, the guide that I pretty much followed from the get go. In it, you find amazing tips on how to teach your baby to learn to go to sleep on their own…which is the skill they need to sleep through the night!


Let me know if you have any questions. And please, send me your newborn sleep tips as well! I’d love to hear what worked for you!





Oh hello almost VALENTINE'S DAY! My goodness, this month has just flown by. I'm sorry I've been a bit absent on the blog front...my free time has been spent prepping for Illuminate but I'm back tonight to give you some V-Day reads!

I'll need to write some new relationship posts soon but these ones are good, I promise!

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