ptL for sunshine. i honestly can’t think of a summer where we had days on days on days of sun…i keep checking the weather network to see if it’s changed it’s mind to our usual unwanted friend, rain but nope, hasn’t happened yet…yaaaay!

speaking of sun, i totally remembered i had a few coachella goodies that i never shared with you all (fyi: i’m planning on producing a music lover sans drugs & alcohol survival guide to coachella, so look out for that sometime in the future!!)

it’s insanely hot at coachella. because we tented on site, we were already sweating/melting by 8am. there is no lake, there is no ocean, just hot, hot desert heat. the only place to cool off in the entire festival is in the air conditioned sponsor tents.

praise God for air conditioned sponsor tents.

we checked out the h&m one first. dj, mini dance floor, water, white couches, wifi, charging stations, makeup stations with face wipes, dry shampoo, sunscreen and most importantly, a gif booth.

check out our dancing gif here!

yep, the h&m tent was defs paradise. we discovered my second favourite tent sadly on the second day. this tent was air conditioned, had comfy chairs and had an endless supply of fruttare bars…i kid you not. you could take two or three at a time and go back for me…it was in.cred.i.ble.

and here are a few photos from other tents…

oh memories :)

stay gold,