so yesterday afternoon my husband comes up to me and says “today’s going to be a monumental day.” i had absolute no idea what was coming as he ran around the house tidying up a few things.

all of a sudden he puts his hands over my eyes and guides me to the front door. when i open them one of my coworkers is standing there with a kitten (she was giving away the litter). james says “surprise! we have a cat!” and i am handed a little black fur ball.

i was extremely apprehensive at first. see, i’m a planner. i love researching….like freakishly love researching and planning.




so there i stood holding this little crying kitten not knowing what to do. i then came to the realization that my life would never be the same. i know i’m being dramatic here, but this is what was racing through my mind. james bolted out the door to grab some food and a box and i lay beside the kitten on the floor paralyzed. and then all of a sudden this little black fur ball sauntered on over to me and lay down right beside me, purring. *heart melted*

it didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels in love with it. at first we had no idea if it was a boy or girl, i was kinda hoping for a boy and prematurely started to call it richard parker but when we got home later that evening we discovered that it was a girl! 

so here she be, miss coco chanel liira.


omgeee. isn’t she a darling? darling enough to turn cat-hater james into a cat-love in 24 hours. seriously. she’s so cuddly and purring like she’s never going to stop. i find myself contemplating whether to quit my job and hang out with her cuteness 24/7….jokes, jokes.

oh coco, you have my heart.